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Large Point Sources (LPS) of emission in Europe and other large facilities

This map can display LPS in Europe having the largest emissions and health impacts (preliminary data at present), and other facilities (currently world nuclear power stations). See map notes for more information and trouble shooting. To map a different set or number of LPS, press the refresh button on your browser (usually two circling arrows) or the F5 function key on your keyboard. More points mapped, more time, more problems!

Try Satellite, Map and Hybrid views. To move around the map, use the map arrow buttons or drag the map with the mouse. Left click and the map should centre at that point. Zoom with the + and - buttons and the slider, but to a degree to which varies by region. Generally, Satellite view allows greater zoom.

Click on a LPS marker on the map, or in the list at right, and information is displayed. In Satellite view, zoom in on some facilities (e.g. LPS - Puentes, Megalopolis, Porto Tolle, Gibraltar: Nuclear - Belleville, Blayais, Fessnehiem, Nogent) and see details such as smoke, structures, and opencast mining.

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