S E E         Society Energy Environment        under development

The provision of energy services to people is essential for modern social life. The equitable and secure provision of energy is becoming more problematic as demand increases because of population growth and wealth, and with the depletion of finite fossil and fissile fuels and the multiple impacts of these fuels, including global warming and air pollution. This site presents work in these areas:
  • Energy demand and supply
  • Forecasting emissions from surface and air transport, and energy use and supply sectors
  • Analysis of the cost-effectiveness of measures to reduce environmental impact
  • Surface and air transport
  • Air quality
  • Global warming
  • Environmental economics

This work has been produced for a number of bodies including:

  • National and local government departments
  • Universities
  • Private companies
  • Non-governmental environmental organisations
  • The European Commission
  • The European Environment Agency
  • The Japan Clean Air Program